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How to Set Up & Use the Energy Cleaner

  • Remove the face plate of The Energy Cleaner ( the side that says Energy Cleaner)
    • If having trouble, hold the Energy Cleaner over a table and gently shake the face plate toward the table.
    • If it still does not pop off, use a small flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the face plate.
  • Inside are the written instructions and four screws.
  • Buy 9 "D" cell batteries, We recommend the Dollar Store house brand, they work the best.
  • Be careful to get the polarity correct when installing the batteries.
  • Get a roll of 2' or 3' wide aluminium screen wire from the hardware store. you want plain, uncoated, bright, aluminium screen wire, the kind used for screen windows and doors.
  • The screen wire has a lubricant on it from the factory, use an old blanket, or quilt to protect your bedding, as the lubricant will discolour your bedding.
  • Attaching duct tape around the edges will protect from the little sharp edges.
  • Place the pad of screen wire/blanket/quilt between the mattress and mattress pad.
  • Attach the alligator clip from the Energy Cleaner to the pad. Make sure you have good metal-to-metal contact.
  • Write a note to change the batteries in one year and tape it to the Energy Cleaner.

You may want to make a second pad for your recliner.

The bath tub method.

  1. Fill the bath tub with comfortably warm water.
  2. Attach a metal spoon to the alligator clip.
  3. Drop the alligator clip only (not The Energy Cleaner) into the water.
  4. Relax

 For a hot tub:

  1. Turn down the temperature to 98 degrees (this may take most of a day).
  2. Attach a metal spoon to the alligator clip, drop same into the hot tub.
  3. Relax

For a small area such as an ankle, wrist, elbow, knee;

  1. Use common aluminium foil.
  2. Make a four layer pad large enough for the area needing treatment.
  3. Wrap the pad around the body part loosely
  4. Sleep, watch a movie, or read a book


Latest News

  • 12.01.17  30 day guarantee extended to 90 day effective immediately!
  • 16.02.15:  Optional Energy Cleaner Compatible Pads are being offered on a trial basis to determine demand.  This is tentatively a limited time offer.
  • 01.12.14: 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee effective this date.

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